We Create Vibes.

Our audio designs are tailored to your specific space and needs.  We specialize in assessing the natural acoustics of a restaurant or bar and designing auditory components customized to that space.  Then, we build the music playlists that become an organic part of the experience in the art of dining, sipping, and conversation. 



Sound System Design

The design and aesthetic is just as important as the audio experience.  Our components are custom to fit the vibe of every space. 


Acoustic Treatment

The acoustic treatment sets the tone where music and conversation intersect. Acoustics play a critical role in the way sound interacts in a space.  We provide the optimal sonic experience to enhance any human environment.  No one likes to yell at the table.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 4.03.30 PM.png

Music Curation

In addition to creating the best quality environment for music, we offer our expertise to play customized music in your establishment.  The music pairs with the cocktails and cuisine, adding to the experience clients have while dining.